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Lina Romay photo courtesy of SkyLighters.Com    Miss Lina Romay...a elegant star  


   A lovely senorita modeling Mexican fashions.  


       Long will she be remembered                


1. CLICK HERE for VIDEO Bombshell from Brooklyn


2.  Lina serenades Mickey Rooney 


3.  Lina sings a samba


4.  Don't Get Around Much Anymore


5.  Let's Get Lost


6.  Antonio, Antonio


7.  La Negra Leonor


8. Lina with Cugi


9.  Bim Bam Bum


10.  Dancing with Ben Blue


11.  Guadalajara


12.  Lina's Scenes from Western-themed Film-Shorts


13. Senor Droopy cartoon  (Lina with Droopy, cartoon, now banned because of insensitive portrayal of "Mexican" characters):



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The following was written on the back of a recently posted photo of Lina on ebay.  VINTAGE 8x10 Portrait of Lina Romay. The still number is 7033. On the back the typed blurb reads in part:

"EXOTIC LATIN.....Lina Romay, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer actress typifies the dark-eyed breathless beauty of the Latin American girl. Daughter of a member of the Mexican Diplomatic Corps, Lina is a expert swimmer and diver, loves to dance, plays the piano by ear....." It is rubber stamp dated Dec. 1946. 


From the PlayBill for the Winter's Gardens dated July 20, 1950; (Lina appeared and sang in Michael Todd's Peep Shop, on Broadway)

Lina Romay, born in New York, the daughter of Mexico's Consul to this city, has carried on the tradition of awakening American interest in our friendly neighbor below the border.  The young lady who made South American music popular with her renditions of "Chiu Chiu" and "Tico Tico", was educated in a Brooklyn Catholic Convent.  While her father was stationed in Detroit, the turned down her first big-time opportunity - to sing with Xavier Cugat - because she was too young and wanted to remain with her family.  A few years later, in New York, she signed with the same Mr. Cugat and skyrocketed to fame.  Appearing with the Cugat orchestra in "You Were Never Lovelier" and "Bathing Beauty", she caught the eye of Hollywood's moguls and was given a contract, subsequently playing in "Weekend at the Waldorf", "Mexican Honeymoon," and "Love Laughs at Andy Hardy."  Although this is Miss Romay's first appearance on the legitimate stage, she has played in theatres with the Cugat Orchestra and on personal appearance tours.  A familiar entertainer in the country's leading night clubs, she also has been a featured entertainer on the air waves. 


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